SATIVEA Face Serum – Rejuvenates & Smoothes the skin


Face Serum Bakuchiol with CBD
Contains a powerful combination of active
ingredients stimulating natural skin regeneration and activating hyaluronic acid production, collagen and elastin. Sativea Face Serum is a unique blend of natural ingredients with Bakuchiol and Pure CBD. all combined together for the full effect on your body, from the natural
ingredients given us by mother nature, and served to you in an easy-to-use GlassJar. 

With daily use, you may be happy to know that Sativea face Serum will:
– Rejuvenates & Smoothes the skin
– Accelerates the production of collagen
– Stimulating natural skin regeneration
– Visibly reduce deep wrinkles and fill fine lines,
Staviea face Serum is for Dry to Normal skin types
For Sativea face Serum we use only natural ingredients, from the best source and with the highest standard.
All products are Vegan. Sativea is made by the hand of nature lovers for the benefit of all. Let yourself benefit from mother nature’s powerful gifts. Smiling can keep your skin looking great!
Note: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent
any disease. Consult your doctor if you are taking any other medicines,
are pregnant or have any sensitives.


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